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Aquarius compatibility: What is the best match for an Aquarius?
  1. 6 Things BOUND To Happen When An Aquarius Dates Another Aquarius
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  3. Aquarius and Aquarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship
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Negative people and scenarios are toxic to them. They find it hard to cope with stress and drama. Flight is usually their solution when facing emotional dilemma.

6 Things BOUND To Happen When An Aquarius Dates Another Aquarius

It is not surprising that Aquarians retreat from reality more often than the other signs. They need to plenty of quiet time alone and only resurface when their optimism level is fully charged again. Aquarians value their freedom highly so they seek partners who will love them but give them a lot of space.

Getting to know them is quite challenging so the best route to their hearts is thru the friendship road. This way, the relationship will have room to grow and progress to the next level. They do not want to be rushed into love. They match well with open-minded, independent, intelligent and adventurous people. Aquarians will clash with dominating, needy and possessive partners.

Aquarius woman is very independent, charming and strong-willed. She has a mind of her own and is brave enough to go against the norm. She is an affectionate soul who has a long list of friends. However, this lady finds it difficult to connect emotionally with others, so her intimate relationships take time to build. One needs a lot of patience to understand and get to know her. She sets her own rules and expects others to do the same. Remember, she is not afraid to go against the norm of society, so neither can a man oblige her to meekly submit. When it comes to matters of the heart, Aquarius woman can be quite unpredictable.

She likes a relationship that is out of the ordinary. She gets bored easily so it is important that her partner is in sync with her and is good in throwing her off the loop. Winning her heart is not easy and a man must be able to accept her for who she is or just move on. She will not change for anyone and that message will be clear from the onset. This woman gets attracted to positive, adventurous, spontaneous and intelligent men. Aquarius man draws a lot of admirers but he is too preoccupied with too many things to even notice.

He is cool, intelligent, intriguing and extremely amiable. The way to his heart is thru his mind.

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It might not be about anything, but they won't know it until one of them cracks Aquarius is headstrong and determined, and won't quit until she gets what she wants. Being in a relationship with someone who understands what goes on inside her head without any hesitation is every Aquarian's dream. If she is dating another Aquarian, then the two of them can be unstoppable together. Aquarians tend to play off each other's strengths, giving the other person the boost they need to succeed.

Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius

In this case, two water-bearers are better than one. Aquarius is pretty low maintenance when it comes to dating, save for a few basic needs she MUST have met in a relationship: acceptance, freedom, and someone who will never break their promises. As long as she has these three things, she will have a strong relationship. While it's true almost any sign can give these things to her, only another Aquarius can really understand what she wants because they themselves are looking for the same qualities in a person.

There is nothing quite like dating someone who just GETS what you need, no questions asked. The Toast. Aquarius is a very independent person who loves having her space.

Aquarius Woman Aquarius Man – A Match Made In Heaven

A lot of people think that means she would rather be alone than in a relationship, but that's not true. When an Aquarius is in a relationship with another Aquarius, it can seem like it's just two independent people spending time together when in fact, it's much different.

Aquarius and Aquarius - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Aquarians value freedom very highly in relationships and will work best with someone who understands that sometimes, they need to be alone. Just because people don't understand how the relationship works doesn't mean it isn't working for Aquarius. They'll communicate easily without having to say a single thing. According to some, this would be a match made in heaven. Trust should not be something this couple need to worry about. Neither partner is clingy nor controlling, nor do they constrain the other in any sort of way. By being given their much-needed liberty, trust between them is formed slowly, but surely.

They will have to start criticizing the other for such a level of understanding to be shattered. If there is one thing an Aquarius will never get tired of doing, that would be discussing new ideas and perspectives on life. Communication is key in this relationship, so, naturally, nothing less can be expected. Their nights together will be spent endlessly talking about how to save the world or what could be the next breakthrough invention.

Aquarius and Aquarius Nature and Nuances:

The one thing an Aquarius values most of all is their independence. Once the two Aquarians realize that they share a mutual understanding of this need, they will fall in love much quicker. Other than that, what an Aquarius values might vary, depending on all the things surrounding them.

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Still, they'll easily find mutual ground in their long and meaningful conversations about the future and how everything can be better tomorrow. Culture Astrology is a place for astrology lovers from all around the world who fancy a good read about horoscope and astrology. We provide a thorough insight on each of the 12 zodiac signs and we can help you understand how does horoscope affect your life.

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