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In other words, some elemental pairings may be more compatible on paper than they are IRL and vice versa , so none of these theories should be interpreted as hard-and-fast rules. To figure out your compatibility, you'll first need to find out which element you and your partner are: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are fire signs; Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are earth signs; Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are air signs; and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are water signs.

Ahead, we'll look at each type of elemental pairing and see what they mean.

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If you have opposing elements This goes out to the couples that consist of either fire and air signs or water and earth signs. These elements appear directly across from each other on the Wheel of the Zodiac , and they tend to possess very different, if not flat-out conflicting, personality traits. This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but dating someone who's completely different from yourself can be refreshing — and a welcome break from your particular way of viewing the world.

It's common for opposing elemental couples to enjoy challenging each other. For example, an earth sign will push a water sign to get out of their feelings, while the water sign urges the earth sign to loosen up. If you have adjacent elements Again, you may need to consult the Wheel of the Zodiac to be sure your relationship falls into this group, but adjacent elemental pairings include the following : fire and earth, earth and air, air and water, and water and fire.

These element pairings appear next to each other on the Wheel, thus their name.

Virgo Love Compatibility

Overall, couples in this category tend to complement each other — they aren't carbon copies, but they aren't completely at odds, either. You may fill a need that your partner was never able to satisfy on their own for instance, an earth sign often provides grounding and perspective to an air sign. Or, perhaps you and your S.

Learn Astrology > Zodiac Signs in Your Natal Chart or Horoscope

If you have the same elements It's not as intense as dating someone with the exact same sign as you, but sharing an element with your partner means you can see a lot of yourself in them. Your similarities could be points of conflict: Fire sign couples may lose their tempers easily while earth sign couples can get hung up on the tiniest issues. By that same token, you may have bonded over your shared element. After all, only a fellow water sign could understand why you're so sensitive — and an air sign would never have to explain to another air sign why they were an hour late.

Virgo who is this fire sign that’s shaking up your world? October 2019

Oh, and if you check your sun signs and your elemental pairing doesn't make perfect sense, check your Venus signs , too. Given the fact that it rules attraction and affection, this planet's placement is usually a clearer indicator of the state of your love life than your sun sign. To find out more about your relationship's specific elemental compatibility, astrologer Sally Cragin breaks down each possible elemental combo here.

Related Video:. This can cause presentations to fizzle and meetings to get off track, all due to things that aren't even within your control. The teleconferencing signal gets lost, or your phone decides to reboot for no reason whatsoever.

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Contacts may also be lost, causing embarrassment when you need to get in touch with friends or colleagues. Back everything up and think through your plans thoroughly. You hate disorder, so this can be an ugly scenario for you, Virgo. As your ruler, Mercury being retrograde feels like a betrayal from within. The things you can normally count on to get you through your day - order, routine, etc.

Without organization, reliability, and careful analysis, what are your options? Lean into your mutable sign's adaptability and your earth sign's knack for staying grounded. Most Librans value their relationships above all else, but Mercury retrograde can cut you off from the people who are your lifelines.

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Now what?! The way you're used to communicating social media, text, phone, etc. Since negotiations of all kinds can also be thrown off, pay close attention to contracts and agreements. All of the old friends, former coworkers, and exes appearing now can be good or bad news depending on how you ended things the first time. As a fixed sign, you don't really enjoy the ups and downs that life can throw your way. You're not going to be first in line to ride the Mercury retrograde rollercoaster, but if you have no choice, you're resourceful enough to take each curve as it comes.

You're also wise enough to know that even though it may be unpleasant, it has to end sometime.

Patient Scorpio can endure almost anything yes, even giving up that beloved sense of control as long as you know it will stop eventually. This retrograde cycle gets you where it really hurts, Sagittarius: your ability to go, go, go. Mercury retrograde is notorious for messing with anything that helps get you where you need or really want to go. Bikes, buses, cars, planes, and trains can experience mechanical failures and other general difficulties, resulting in lost time and missed connections. Public transportation, traffic, and travel apps can be hit or miss, so make alternate plans and be prepared to slow down for once.

Uh oh, progress has slowed to a halt and your master plan has hit a snag. You'd rather do just about anything than sit there twiddling your thumbs when there's real work to be done. Having to depend on other people like the IT guy to finish their job before you can restart yours is excruciating. Plus, as a cardinal sign, you're used to taking the reins and doing it yourself, so not being in control of your own success or failure drives you nuts. Find some zen as you press reset. As the high-tech junkie and gadget guru of astrology, this retrograde cycle is a particularly annoying time for you.

Luckily, you're an outgoing innovator who likes a challenge, so you may come out of Mercury retrograde with some excellent new contacts or skills to help you get ahead.

Zodiac Signs | Do you know what your star sign means?

Making adjustments and adapting is everything right now, and you excel at it. Your intuition is usually on point, Pisces, but during Mercury retrograde your guesses and "feelings" are just off. With your psychic and intuitive abilities out of whack, the mix-ups that can result leave you feeling confused and out of sorts.

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After all, if you can't trust your gut, what can you trust? Escape, whether to your happiest of daydreams, favorite secluded beach, or beautifully curated Instagram feed, won't be easy right now either.