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The desire for privacy is something that most Scorpios feel, for it gives them a safe space to process emotions and feel all the feels. But while brooding in secrecy may be your jam, has no time for it. Your philosophical nature and appreciation of freedom are perfectly suited to help move in a constructive direction, but we need you to focus to make this happen.

In the new year, your mission is to hone your focus and work on physically bringing your ideas to life.

Instead of jumping from one thing to the next, pick a couple of passion projects that are close to your heart and commit to them. The power of manifestation is amplified when you have specific goals in mind, so being intelligent and intentional about how you channel your energy is key. Hint: Creating a vision board would be an excellent way to support this process!

If we rounded up a list of all of the CEOs in the world, it's safe to say a large chunk of them would be Capricorns. Take your job for example.

Rashi Mantra or Moon Sign Mantra or Zodiac Mantra for Various Signs | Vedic Rishi

Learning to walk away from situations that are no longer serving you will be your biggest lesson, and one that will pay off time and time again. As the humanitarians of the zodiac, your original, inclusive ideas are the kind of medicine that our world so desperately needs. But even though you tend to be very focused on the fate of others, being independent is one of your most defining characteristics. This preference for marching to the beat of your own drum can give you a kind of "outsider" status—one that you embrace wholeheartedly. However, needing alone time to recharge is one thing, but pushing others away or avoiding emotional connection is another.

Your mission is to work on dropping your defenses and using collaboration and compromise to help move your ideas forward. Whether you label yourself an "artist" or not, I bet there are elements of creative expression woven through your life—like writing poems in the Notes section of your phone or whipping out a sketchbook on long plane rides. However, Pisces have a proclivity for privacy, so the thought of sharing your art with the world might be your worst nightmare. As a highly sensitive being, the fear of criticism can feel very real for you. But this year is calling you to honor your artwork and step into the light, making the choice to share your healing gifts with the world.

Check out your December horoscope for more insight into what is brewing in the stars this month.

Gurudev GD Vashist Journey As Yet

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A Summary of the Aries Zodiac Sign

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  • Elizabeth is a branding, events, and marketing consultant, and the former Social Media Manager at mindbodygreen. She recently traded in her NYC apartment for a 65L camping backpack and More On This Topic Spirituality spirituality. Rajshree Patel. Spirituality spirituality. The AstroTwins. Integrative Health integrative health. Jason Wachob. Gretchen Lidicker, M. As a sign that likes action, Aries can have trouble sitting still and may lose patience when they attempt meditation.

    5 mantras for an Aries

    It's key to remember that moving meditation—biking, swimming, surfing—can connect them just as intensely to their inner self. A searcher who is OK with bucking tradition, an Aries may try a few or zero! Even if their loved ones have the same spiritual beliefs, an Aries will stray from the path if that belief doesn't line up with their own. A fierce sense of social justice and a strong moral compass guides Aries' decisions. Rams may be impulsive, but they're never mean. Aries love learning and love hearing about different religions and spiritual practices.

    Every sign has to deal with unfinished business. For Aries, the biggest life lesson is learning what it means to be selfless.